i am a bad influence on you. (cliniquedecoeur) wrote,
i am a bad influence on you.

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friends only.
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We seem to have some common interests, may I add you?
yes ma'am.
yo slut
I'm in your class! I wish Adam would take ME shopping...
Add me, ma belle?
who mocks ghetto people better than me?

...no one!

add meee, bizatch.
thanks for friending me...

except that you didn't.
i'm friending whomever wanted to be friended, my friend.
i'm adding you, and your little kitty cat on the typewriter.

i miss you.
i know i'm kind of insane and everything,
but this is how i hear about your tres exciting life.

'course, if you don't add me, that's cool too.
oh hush cutie.
i'm adding you.

i dont mean to sound like ivy or anything...
but i do miss reading about your life. i know im a drama queen sometimes, and i know thats why you got a new journal in the first place, to avoid the drama, but mine isnt about anyone in particulars.

and also like ivy said, its cool if you dont add me. i understand that you dont want certain people knowing things that aint their biznaz.
Um.. hi.. I met you online once a long time ago. Will you be my friend?